December 2020 Newsletter

In this issue...
  • Message from the Chair
  • Tips for supporting a loved one at Christmas time
  • Second helpings rejecting diet culture
  • 27 responses to (never-ending) diet talk
  • Guide book for nutrition treatment of eating disorders
  • I need to eat how much to stay healthy?
  • Upcoming support meetings

Message from the Chair

EDANZ calling for a Government-led review of eating disorder treatment in NZ 

As this difficult year draws to a close, we want to send you a message of comfort and hope, and also to let you know about the work we are doing advocating for improved access to eating disorder treatment in NZ. 

You will find below some helpful resources we’ve gathered together to provide help for you supporting your loved one during the festive season, which can be a particularly challenging time for many who are struggling with mental health issues and those who are supporting them. 

We also want to update you about current collaboration and advocacy we’re involved in to increase and improve availability and outcomes of treatment for eating disorders around the country, which we trust will bring families some comfort and hope going into 2021. 

Eating disorders are treatable. Full recovery is possible at any stage and any age. Research tells us that when we intervene early enough and provide clinical care and support, and the family/whānau is involved, people recover quickly. Too many people in NZ are becoming more and more unwell as they wait for evidence-based treatment for a life-threatening illness; some reaching crisis point and requiring admission to hospital. Current service capacity is not meeting demand in every part of NZ. Clinicians are overwhelmed and struggling to cope. The suffering of individuals and their families is unnecessary and unacceptable.  

EDANZ recently organised a Hui in association with the Werry Centre, attended by specialist clinicians from private and public services around NZ. All agreed the situation is urgent and discussed measures to provide prompt support and treatment. We are in discussions with the Ministry of Health as well as with Members of Parliament from all political parties. 

If you, or your loved one need help during the festive season please take action. See your GP, or for urgent support go to the emergency department of your hospital. If it is an emergency or you, or someone you know is at risk, call 111.

For those supporting someone with an eating disorder, remember to plan and prepare, and look after yourselves and those around you with kindness and compassion.

Sending you very best wishes as 2020 draws to a close.

Nicki Wilson
EDANZ Chairperson

Nicki Wilson, EDANZ Chair

Supporting a loved one at Christmas time

From our friends at Bodywhys in Ireland, some tips for family supporting a loved one at Christmas time.

Second helpings rejecting diet culture

Second helpings rejecting diet culture

“Making our home a safe haven from diet culture was an important foundation for supporting our child’s recovery. By rejecting false beliefs about food and bodies, we found the key ingredient for a life-saving treatment – and for healing the whole family.”

Responses to diet talk

27 responses to (never-ending) diet talk

For fat people and those with eating disorders, diet talk isn’t as benign as it may seem. Here are some ways to respond to it.

Guidebook for nutrition treatment of eating disorders

Guidebook for nutrition treatment of eating disorders

This publication, created by the Academy for Eating Disorders Nutrition Working Group, contains basic information regarding elements of nutrition care for individuals with eating disorders (EDs).


How much to eat to stay healthy

I need to eat how much to stay healthy?

Answering the common questions of “Why do I have to eat so much to maintain my weight?” And, “How long do I have to do this for?”

EDANZ Support Group Meetings

Upcoming support group meetings

EDANZ believes parents/carers have unique abilities to support one another and we hold regular meetings to which you are warmly invited. Currently, we're joining together around the country once a month thanks to Zoom videoconferencing technology. 

If you would like to participate in a virtual support group, please RSVP to and we'll send you the link.

Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm

The last group meeting for 2020 is TONIGHT:
Monday, 14 December

2021 dates will be published on our website in January.


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We acknowledge times are financially tight for many, but at this time there is also a corresponding increase in demand for our services. As a volunteer organisation relying totally on donations and grants to provide our services – many of which are currently self-funded – your financial support is more needed now than ever before. 

Your donation will enable us to continue our work providing support to families, education to healthcare providers and the community, and advocating for improved access to evidence-based treatment for all affected New Zealanders. 

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