Eating disorders explained

Understand the causes and symptoms of eating disorders, whether your loved one is suffering from anorexia, bulimia or another form of eating disorder.

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Support services

Most people find helping their loved one on their recovery journey challenging. Many people say it is the hardest thing they have ever done. Becoming informed about EDs and connecting ...

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Hope and recovery

Eating disorders are multi-faceted and complex to treat, but full recovery is possible at any stage.

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Have your say

EDANZ is making a submission to the Government's Mental Health Inquiry. We invite you to take our survey to contribute critical feedback about what services are needed. 

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EDANZ: Helping the helpers

EDANZ is run by parents, caregivers, and people who have fully recovered from eating disorders. Although we don't have medical qualifications, we've experienced the challenges of eating disorders in real life.

We offer support, help and resources to people caring for loved ones with an eating disorder, but we are not able to offer treatment or medical advice for patients themselves. If you have, or are concerned you have an eating disorder, we urge you to visit your GP. Click here for advice on speaking to your GP for the first time.

If you need advice about someone you care about, get in touch now.

Get help now

If you believe your child or loved one is suffering from and eating disorder visit your GP immediately and ask for a referral to an Eating Disorder specialist service. Click here for more ways we can help you.

News and Events

We invite you to complete the EDANZ survey to support our submission to the Government's Mental Health Inquiry. Feedback from individuals and families is critical to help us tell an effective story about what services are needed...

Does your loved one have an eating disorder?

If you're worried your child or loved one may have an eating disorder, click here to download our check list. If you have and concerns, see your GP immediately

Participate in research

The "Costs of Eating Disorders in NZ" study led by the University of Otago is still seeking participants. Can you help maximise the research's impact by completing their anonymous online survey?

latest events
Anorexia Nervosa Research - Exciting News!

A landmark study led by UNC School of Medicine and researchers from NZ and around the world has identified the first genetic locus for anorexia nervosa.

Opportunities to Participate in Eating Disorders Research

Please participate in these important studies from University of Melbourne on "Living with Anorexia as an Adult" and the University of Otago's collaborative research project on the "Costs of Eating Disorders in NZ".

Resources for Adults seeking help or in recovery

ROAR Reach Out and Recover is an interactive resource, developed for adults who have eating and body concerns and/or who may be at risk of developing an eating disorder. Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults was developed by Tabitha Farrar after her recovery from a ten year battle with an eating disorder. She is now dedicated to helping others (sufferers and their families) to learn as much as they can in order to recover.

Parent/carer Support groups

EDANZ believes parents have unique abilities to support one another. We invite you to join us for a relaxed coffee break with other parents/carers who are likely to share some of your challenges. A range of resources will be available.