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EDANZ Carer Pack contains articles and resources that others who are supporting someone with an eating disorder have found informative and relevant. Be assured that the information we share has been carefully researched and collated. It is to be used in conjunction with, and to support, the specialist eating disorder treatment your loved one is receiving. The information enclosed is evidence based, current, has practical application and is geared specifically to you, the carer. We encourage you to read and learn all you can – Knowledge is Power – the more you know about eating disorders and the latest knowledge in treatment, the better you will be able to support your loved one to full and lasting recovery.

FEAST Family Guide Series (printable booklets)

Around the Dinner Table online peer support for carers 24/7.

Eating Disorder Essentials from FEAST an evidence based directory of topics, tools, reading material and videos for those here to learn.

Feed Your Instinct (aka FYI). An interactive tool designed to support parents of children and young people experiencing different types of eating problems. It contains a useful checklist for anyone concerned their child may be developing an unhealthy relationship with food, weight or their body.

ROAR Reach Out and Recover is an interactive resource, developed for adults who have eating and body concerns and/or who may be at risk of developing an eating disorder

Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults Tabitha Farrar recovered fully after battling an eating disorder for over ten years. She is now dedicated to helping others (sufferers and their families) to learn as much as they can in order to recover.

The Nine Truths about Eating Disorders - Academy for Eating Disorders (AED)

Academy for Eating Disorders AED Resources page The Academy for Eating Disorders is committed to disseminating information regarding eating disorders to both educate, prevent and assist those in need. Included are facts about eating disorders for concerned friends, family members, healthcare providers, and individuals struggling with their eating. Eating disorders affect individuals irrespective of age, weight, gender, and race/ethnicity. It is important to keep in mind that there is significant symptom overlap among the eating disorder categories listed here, and that individuals can move from one diagnostic category to another over time.

Guidebook for Nutrition Treatment of Eating Disorders [PDF]- Academy for Eating Disorders (AED)

Free Educational Programme

FEAST 30 Days is an innovative and unique program designed to educate and empower parents and caregivers of people with eating disorders. People who register for this program will receive one lesson per day, delivered to their inbox, over the course of 30 days. Each lesson is focused on a different topic related to eating disorders and caregiving. There are resources offered on every topic to provide a deeper and more robust understanding of what eating disorders are, how they are treated, and how families can best support their loved one.

FEAST 30 Days is suitable for parents at all stages of their caregiving journey. Parents are given the opportunity each day to ask questions either about the lesson material or about their own personal situation. These questions are answered by our parent support volunteer team.

Providers and other non-caregivers are welcome to sign up for FEAST 30 Days as well!

There is no charge for FEAST 30 Days; this program is funded solely through donations.


Recommended websites

Eva Musby Getting Your Child to Eat  

The Diary Healer June Alexander 

Link to a variety of resources on the topic of "parents do not cause eating disorders


Friends and family - how you can help

My friends child was just diagnosed with an eating disorder

FBT (Family-Based Therapy)

Why your teen probably won't want to do FBT and why you should feel free to do it anyway  


Diabetes and Eating Disorders

Diabetes and Eating Disorders Awareness (DEDA) supports, advocates for, and brings hope to those with diabetes and an eating disorder in Australia and NZ.


Binge Eating Disorder BED

Nine Truths about Eating Disorders, Weight and Weight Stigma Academy for Eating Disorders AED.

Appetite for Life is a NZ based group programme, run face to face with up to 16 participants. Their reach is north to Kaikoura and south to Ashburton. Further details here:

NEDA, National Eating Disorders Association, is a US based organisation, providing hope, support and a wealth of resources. In 2018 they merged with BEDA Binge Eating Disorders Association.

Direct link to NEDA resources:

About binge eating disorder:

HAES, Health at Every Size is a respectful and inclusive community that supports people of all sizes in finding compassionate ways to take care of themselves.

Boys and Men

Nine Truths about Eating Disorders Boys and Men Academy for Eating Disorders AED.

Adults & Adult Children

Good link families with university-bound kids may find helpful Eating disorder college contracts

R.A.V.E.S Developed by dietitian Shane Jeffrey in the Eating Disorders Unit at The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. The process of RAVES (an acronym that highlights key aspects of nutritional recovery) provides a format and process of how to develop an eating pattern that helps support sustainable recovery.

Tabatha Farrar Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults
Tabitha Farrar recovered fully after battling an eating disorder for over ten years. She is now dedicated to helping others (sufferers and their families) to learn as much as they can in order to recover. Tabitha provides free recovery guides for partners and parents of adults in recovery, online meal support and ED recovery coaching.

Eating Disorders and Substance Use 

Alcohol and Drug Helpline for confidential support and to find community and private services near you.

CMC Centre For Motivation and Change   

Eating Disorders & Pregnancy

How to Prioritise Mother and Child - Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, certified eating disorders expert and clinical psychologist

International Treatment Programmes

University of California San Diego 1 week intensive treatment programme teaching individuals and their families FBT. 

Hundreds of young people with eating disorders to benefit from ‘gold standard’ NHS treatment 


For Health Professionals


Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders ANZAED is the peak body for eating disorder professionals involved in research, prevention, treatment and advocacy in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. ANZAED fosters networking and professional development in the eating disorder field and aims to provide leadership and advocacy to improve the understanding, prevention and treatment of eating disorders.

Academy for Eating Disorders AED Founded in 1993, the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) is a global professional association committed to leadership in eating disorders research, education, treatment, and prevention.



A qualitative study from the Costs of Eating Disorders in New Zealand project has been published in the Journal of Eating Disorders. The full paper can be read here Nine carers of those with eating disorders were interviewed about their perspectives and experiences. They described the both the eating disorder and  treatment having  profound impacts across many facets of carers’ lives, both during and beyond the treatment journey. 

Genetics study explanation Rethinking eating disorders as both psychiatric and metabolic Dr Jennifer Jordan, Professor Martin Kennedy, Dr Cynthia Bulik. 

Rethinking anorexia: Biology, role of Genes, the brain and metabolism in cause, maintenance and recovery. Biology may be more important than culture, new studies reveal.

Dr Cynthia Bulik, Gentics and Epigenetics of Eating Disorders  

Bulimia FBT study Bulimia Conducted by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and University of Chicago, the study also shows that teens’ families can play a big role in helping them recover from bulimia.

Hypermetabolism in Anorexia Nervosa, Science Of Eating Disorders Weight restoration is a crucial component of anorexia nervosa treatment. It is a challenging process for a multitude of reasons. Adding to the complexity and the challenge is the fact that during weight restoration, individuals with anorexia nervosa tend to require increasingly more calories to maintain the same rate of weight gain...

Paying the Price "The Butterfly Report" The Economic and Social Impact of Eating Disorders in Australia  

Early weight Gain predicts outcome for GP's -  Daniel Le Grange PhD, Erin C. Accurso PhD, James Lock MD, PhD.


Good Blogs

Julie Otoole, Kartini Clinic

Dr Sarah Ravin

June Alexander

The Ten Pound Blog

Columbia Centre For Eating Disorders

Tabitha Farrar - good article on triggers.


Resources for schools

National Eating Disorders Coalition NEDC The NEDC has developed a range of resources to assist education professionals working in schools to understand eating disorders, promote health and wellbeing within their schools, recognise and respond to eating disorders, and support students who are undergoing treatment for an eating disorder.

Beyond Blue - Eating Disorders, Anxiety and Depression - understanding co morbidity


Other Good Articles

Carrie Arnold - Is Anorexia a cultural disease?



Guest Post on FEAST by Dr. Julie O'Toole “rarely do we think about food as having pharmacological properties, but in fact, food is an essential source of the chemicals produced by our brains to stabilize mood, moderate anxiety, induce sleep, reduce pain, and regulate appetite…… the brain is a natural pharmacy”. 

STARSHIP medical/parent guide   


Peer Recovery Websites 

Self care websites (recommended to be used alongside GP monitoring, not as a replacement for evidence-based treatment).

Tabitha Farrar

Media: Radio Interviews, Podcasts

Tabitha Farrar talks with an 11-year-old boy about his diagnosis of anorexia, his recovery journey, and his desire and motivation to get well.

Article on Stuff May 31st 2016: Whangarei mother and daughter who fought back from anorexia.

Edanz interview on National radio Sunday 4  May 2014.

BBC interview with Bryan Lask, a renowned British  ED Specialist Dr/Professor- start at minute 19.28

Article in NZ Listener, August 2013

Article on Stuff July 2013

ABC interview with Dr Sloane Madden Children's Hospital Westmead Sydney – 2 week intensive family live in programme.