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Understanding Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders explained

Eating disorders are serious, biologically influenced illnesses. If left untreated, eating disorders have a devastating impact on affected individuals and their loved ones. Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

Learning more about the causes of eating disorders, different types of disordered eating, and recognising the damage caused by common myths and misperceptions regarding eating disorders will help you start to understand what's going on with your loved one and put you in a position to help them recover.

For more information and the latest knowledge about diagnosing and treating eating disorders, visit our list of online resources.

Are you concerned your child may be developing an unhealthy relationship with food, weight or their body? 

The Feed Your Instinct (FYI) interactive tool highlights some common warning signs and provides useful information and guidance. Visit the FYI website and click on one of the coloured icons (as shown below) to read through the four modules. Then complete the Eating and Body Image Checklist which outlines some behaviour changes you may have noticed in your child. FYI will generate a personalised report with a summary of the information you have provided, so you can seek help as necessary.