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Qualitative Study from the Costs of Eating Disorders in New Zealand Project

Qualitative Study from the Costs of Eating Disorders in New Zealand Project

qualitative study from the Costs of Eating Disorders in New Zealand project has been published in the Journal of Eating Disorders

Nine carers of those with eating disorders were interviewed about their perspectives and experiences. They described the both the eating disorder and  treatment having  profound impacts across many facets of carers’ lives, both during and beyond the treatment journey. 

For carers, ‘normal’ life was profoundly impacted by the complicated and often unanticipated role of treatment provider, and navigating the maze of treatment while trying to understand the diagnosis itself. Relationships were significantly affected by the demands of treatment and the serious consequences of the disorder as well as misunderstandings and stigma related to eating disorders. A ‘new normal’ state of constant worry and increased vigilance defined life post-diagnosis. These carers described the he impacts of an ED diagnosis in a loved one, and the demands of assuming the role of treatment provider as life-changing. For these carers ‘life is different now’.

Many thanks to these carers who eloquently told their stories and also to the many others, including EDANZ members, who did the online survey for us on this project. Further papers are being drafted currently. We will  inform you of further findings as they become available. For further information, please contact

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Posted: Thu 12 Aug 2021